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Unanswered Prayers

on February 15, 2014

My kiddos turned 11 this week. I woke up early that day and prayed so hard for them to have a great day. “Please God help Alex and Katie have a good birthday. Help Alex to cope and not have melt downs and make it a special day for he and Katie. Please don’t let him hurt himself or her”

Unfortunately, that prayer was not answered and Alex had a horrible day.

Alex’s level of aggression has gotten completely out of control this year. He has been hurting others as well as himself for months now, but this last week was just over the top. His main way of dealing with anything is to bang his head. He did it so hard this week, he gave himself a rug burn and then the next day on his birthday, he did it again on the wall and sliced his head open. He has bitten himself or someone else every day this week – including my poor mom. He bit her so hard it went through her winter coat, through her skin all the way down to the muscle of her arm. He attacks me every single day and I’m so scared he will hurt his sister Katie.

He needs help and we, as a family, just can’t do it alone anymore. So yesterday, we chose to have him admitted into a behavior health hospital to try and stabalize him. Leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

The hospital he is in specializes in Autism. When I spoke to them last night after I got home, they said he was settling in just fine and was doing great. He could be there from a week to a month….I can’t even imagine. I’m just so sad. Katie said she keeps hearing him. I know now that my bday prayer did not go unanswered: God answers our prayers in ways that are best for us. Because Alex had that horrible day (after so many before) we finally took this long overdue step. My new prayer is that the 24 hours a day of intense therapy and medication changes will get us back our sweet boy.


One response to “Unanswered Prayers

  1. Lindsey says:

    I love you bunches! Hugs from Florida ❤

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